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Green Action is a Japanese citizen organization working to end nuclear power in Japan. It networks extensively with other domestic and international NGOs.

Nuclear Free Now

EnerWebWatch site on Japanese Earthquake, Nuclear Accidents

For those living in the Kansai Electric area, you can call the following telephone numbers if you are concerned about the safety of Kansai Electric's nuclear power plants in Fukui prefecture. Kansai Electric's nuclear power plants are only prepare for 2 meter tsunamis.
Both Ayabe and Maezuru are within the 10km radius of the Takahama nuclear power plant.
Kansai Electric's public relations department (nuclear): 06-7501-0242
Kyoto Prefecture: 075-414-4466 (Ask for the "Bosai-ka")


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Tanaka Sekiden-cho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto 606-8203 Japan
phone: +81 75 701 7223
facsimile: +81 75 702 1952

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