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The points of issue in the legal case against Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. (KEPCO) by citizens seeking a provisional disposition (injunction) to stop the operation of Ohi Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 & 4

カテゴリー: @ 2013-4-5

This is an English translation of the key technical arguments of plaintiffs and defendant in the first court ruling to be handed down concerning the safety of Japanese operating nuclear power plants since the March 11th 2011 Fukushima Daiichi accident.
The ruling is expected the week of 8 April. For an overview, arguments up to the closing of the case, and the implications of this lawsuit to nuclear power in Japan see:


[English translation issued by Mihama-no-Kai and Green Action / 5 April 2013]

[Notes concerning this translation: The text below describes the basic legal arguments of the plaintiffs and defendant. The verdict is expected the first part of April 2013. (The judge closed the case on 29 January and stated the decision would be handed down the end of March or beginning of April.)]

Original Japanese text:

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